Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Hand Continues to Get Better and More

Well here we are one week later and my left hand is continuing to get back to normal. I've gone from having minimal feeling in my left pinky finger to now having minimal numbness, a big improvement. Still can't play a steel string guitar yet, as my pinky cannot really push down on the strings yet. I can play nylon string, without pain, but as i'll be surrendering my nylon string soon, i'll be left with steel string options after that.
Started a cleansing diet today, no dairy, no sugar, which will be very hard for me. Sugar has been my bugaboo for a long time and going cold turkey in the sugar department won't be easy. If it isn't naturally in the food, i.e. fruits, I can't have it. Should get me to my weight goal of 220, which is what I weighed in May of 2002. I've been told that my metabolism will speed up, i'll need less sleep and my energy level will be much better. So here goes.
I'll be checking in on progress and keep you posted as to how i'm doing.

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