Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day Three of the Diet

Yesterday was an interesting day as it was my first at work. I found I was literally eating something for most of the morning. I had some watermelon, some hummus i made, carrots and a banana. My energy level certainly is higher and I can feel the difference in how much of that internal 'load' you carry from eating carbs and fats. I later had some sauteed vegetables and ginger at the local vegan chinese restaurant near my office.
Upon arriving home last night i tried some other things, with mixed results. I had almond butter which is on my list of 'acceptable nuts' with some sliced banana. I felt bloated after eating this so I think i'm going to refrain from almond butter at least for a bit. I also made a vegan tapioca pudding without sugar, using maple syrup instead. This is something i've been working on for a while trying to find the correct consistency. I found the consistency needed, and now can make a dessert that is dairy free, sugar free and minimally containing fat in the form of light coconut milk. The fat content in the entire dish is 3.5g so if you divide the batch up into four servings it's less that 1 g of fat. Problem is I again felt bloated after eating it. So that is going on the shelf too.
My next project was a strawberry yogurt made from tofu and fresh strawberries. This was not bad, a bit sour, but it's supposed to be yogurt, so that seems logical.
Today I'm having some of the yogurt with some sliced banana. Hopefully the bloating feeling will subside and i can move ahead feeling lighter and more alive than i have in years.
In reading books on Raw Cuisine, Low Fat and Vegan diets, one thing that is stressed is that you will be best off by eating throughout the day, snacking so to speak. Like Dean Ornish said in his seminal book, Eat More Weigh Less!
Received great news today that my oldest son's epilepsy seems to have subsided and he no longer needs to take medication. He's gone 5 years without a seizure so we're all happy.
Not sure what dinner surprise awaits tonight, but i'll report back.

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