Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Day Four of the Diet

Well so far so good. Although yesterday afternoon I was having major cravings. I've been told that for the first week your body will crave the fats, carbs and sugars you used to eat. My first real experience with that was yesterday. Around 2pm the cravings for something substantial, like a sandwich or pizza started. I had a peach and this seemed to deal with things ok and then after leaving SF for one of my twice weekly physical therapy appointments to work on my previously broken hand, i continued to get the pangs again. I found that just getting some water helped alot. Bottled water is also a good help, at least for me. I definitely feel better and have more energy and sleep better also. The weight loss/metabolism change hasn't been as obvious yet, but i would imagine that there is plenty to work off so to speak from my previous carb/meat diet. 220 here i come.


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