Sunday, August 23, 2009

Day Eight

Well I'm back from a great day of rafting down the American River with my family, what a blast. We rafted from American River Raft to a park about 4 hours south. Leisurely, at times exciting as went through some very minor rapids, we had a great time. The kids trailed along in the river and in and out of the raft while I did much of steering and enjoyed the ride. Sure it was hot but being on the water made it very tolerable. Lots of great fun!!! Can't wait to do it.
Diet wise I did very well. Keeping hydrated was of major importance so lots of water was consumed and when we got to the end of our trip, got back to our car and were famished, we ended up at a pizza parlor in Folsom. The kids had pizza, I had salad and everybody was happy. What a great day!!!
Farmer's Market today, loading up on Fruits and Vegetables.
Hope your day is awesome,

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