Monday, August 10, 2009

Finally Back At It

Well my finger is now finally at a point where i can actually start using it. For any of you who have been in an accident or mishap that caused you to have to get major surgery on your finger, you now have my heartfelt sympathies. Today is 3 mos. since my injury and while I'm far from 100 percent, i can actually use my finger a bit which starts to make my left hand somewhat useful again. Thank god it's coming back to life. The feeling still isn't so great and numbness unfortunately is still a daily reminder, but the stiffness is starting to go away and soon I suspect I'll be at least at 90 percent. Hand therapy is helping tremendously.
Since I turn 51 tomorrow, having some use of my hand is a good thing and another positive in what was otherwise a pretty crappy year for my health. As I move into year 51, i trust things will be better. Some unpleasant experiences will be behind me and moving ahead in life will be the priority. No looking back, no hard feelings, no grudges, no reprisals. Move ahead in the best way possible.

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