Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Forgiveness and Diet

In the second week of the diet and things are going well. Clothes are fitting better, feeling lighter and having more energy. This diet is really helping me to move forward in life in the best possible way. As I've alluded before, the last year has been pretty rough for me, both emotionally and health wise. All of that seems to be past me now and the road ahead, whatever it is, seems clear of the energy that was in my life. I made a lot of mistakes, both in judgement and in action in how I lived my life, who I was with, and how I treated not only others but also myself. I've been able to make amends with most people and I'll have to accept the fact that I can't make amends to everyone. What I will be able to do is to go forward in life with a clear conscience. Each day is a new day to make a big difference and it sure makes each day wonderful. I remember how bad I used to feel each day and it was all about my outlook and what I then invited into my life, the people, the situations, the relationship. Angry people don't have a place in my life, thank god. They are all around but they're also easy to spot.

I've found out that I have many friends who truly care about me and want to help and support me in the best possible ways. This revelation has been a godsend and has helped me to progress through the difficulties presented.

Which brings me to forgiveness. I could be really bitter and hold a grudge for some of the things that happened to me over the last year but I don't. I can and do forgive. I'm not going to live my life bitter and angry and holding grudges against those who I perceive to have done me wrong. My life has brought me to where I am today and it's been the result of many forces, one major one is my decisions. There were also acts of randomness, impacts of others and plain serendipity. In the last 7 years especially, there has been joy, pain and frustration never known before to me. I'm still thankful for what happened and as was told to me, numerous times. "you are going to be better for the next person". Well I don't know if I am better or not, but I'm doing my best to make good decisions each day and to be good to everyone I encounter.

Each day I deal with amazing people at the highest levels in life and I get to be a part of that. These people seem to find me through recommendations/referrals and that says alot to me. It keeps me going through these hard times. Secondly, my kids have been there through this period loving me without condition and helping me at all times. From my daughter Ellissa being my little "nurse" when i was recovering from surgery, to Elliott and Miles helping me out in other ways, it's been great to know that they are there for me. There are times when you can feel so alone in life and thankfully, those times were minized through the actions of loved ones.

You see, most people are good and deserve forgiveness. No hard feelings, no bitter is too short. We're all getting older and as we age, our time here becomes even more precious as the 'finite' nature of it, becomes more pronounced. No good reason to be bitter and angry to the point of serious impact to your daily life. If you're holding a grudge, try on a little forgiveness and see how you feel. Hope it fits you well.


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