Thursday, April 2, 2009

Back in the Saddle again!

Well I'm finally back amongst the living and function people of the Bay Area. My kidney stone procedures were less than easy or fun and put me out of action of days at a time. Complications caused further necessity of additional procedures and well, you know where that heads, and it's never a good place.
Alot has happened since I last posted and I can't help but think, "we've seen this before". The financial bailout of the financial services industry is continuing unabated and the major players on both the government and private sides are dismissing serious questions about where the money is going, who is getting it and why. Recently, we found out that much of the AIG money went directly to Goldman Sachs at 100 cents on the dollar to cover Credit Default Swaps purchased thru AIG. Seems like Goldman gets a seat at the table, where others don't. Contrast this with what is happening with the auto companies. The government is really playing hardball with them yet they seem to be softballing the financial services folks. There's some bluster talk from the administration but nothing of substance seems to happen. The whole thing seems fishy to me and I suspect that the same folks who got us into this mess are the same ones with their snouts deeply in public trough right now, siphoning money away to make up for their collossal blunders! We're the Suckers! I hope I'm wrong, but I don't think I am.
I'm hearing rumbings that we'll soon see the Office of Professional Responsibility Report on the Bush Office of Legal Cousel investigation. Me thinks Mr. Yoo, Judge Bybee and the former Defense Department Legal cousel all should be lawyered up and getting ready to protect their cosy positions they have now with UC, Fed Appeals Court and Chevron respectively. Stay tuned.

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