Friday, March 6, 2009

End of Another Week

Feeling much better after a week of recuperation from my kidney procedure. I was feeling every bit of my age the last week, but I'm finally getting back to normal. Looking forward to a nice weekend with my kids.
There's been alot going on, on a number of fronts. Karl Rove and Harriett Meiers have agreed tot testify about the US Attorney firings that occurred in 2004/2005 and also the prosecution of former Alabama Governor Don Seigelman. While they'll be testifying in a closed hearing, they will be testifying under oath and also will have the transcript issued upon completion of the testimony of all witnesses in that matter. So they'll avoid the spectacle of a public airing of the laundry with them sitting at a table with a phalanx of microphones and cameras shooting away while they read their statements. Everyone and his uncle is still going to report on this and they'll still have to weather the storm. I hope the issues at hand get dealt with fairly so we can move ahead and avoid this type of Nixonian practice in the future. It's no coincidence that all the people who caused trouble the last 8 years in the Bush Administration were Nixon people from the 70's. Rumsfeld, Cheney, Rove and then they trained a whole new generation of criminals, what a way to go.
The economy is still in the toilet. Seems like its' spiraling out of control and most people are standing on the sidelines while the rest of the stock market and other legalized sources of gambling going right into the abyss.
In ecourage you to read Paul Krugman in the NY Times as well as Glenn Greenwald at both are smart, shrewd and passionate about the topics they cover. Krugman is one of the few economists who was right about the housing bubble and what was going to happen after and Greenwald has been all over the Iraq, Guantanimo and US Attorney firing issues.

Well I'm gonna call it night. Enjoy your weekend, whatever you do, and stay informed!!!

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