Sunday, March 1, 2009

Down for the Count

I've been down for the count the past few days. Had to get a procedure done, non invasive, but it's made me feel pretty lousy for the last few days. Getting back into the swing slowly, but still not feeling 100 percent. Feeling so lousy, I haven't been doing much, and I've had a bit too much time to think. Some of the thinking was useful much of it just chatter. One thing I thought was useful was the most important recordings in my development or life as a musician and lover of music. Without any further ado, these are the albums. They transcend genre and are all from a fairly short time span in the 70's, but not necessarily when they were recorded, just when I discovered them. The thing that they all have in common is that I NEVER tire of listening to them. I've listened for years, always come back to them and enjoy them still. They are in no particular order.
1. Peter Frampton - Something's Happening
2. Pat Martino - Joyous Lake
3. Shakti w/John McLaughlin - Natural Elements
4. Eberhard Weber and Colours - Silent Feet
5. Ralph Towner - Solo Concert
6. Joe Diorio - Peaceful Journey
7. Lenny Breau - Mo Breau
8. Ted Greene - Solo Guitar
9. Joe Pass - Live at Montreux Jazz Festival 1975
10. John Coltrane - Sunship
11. Jan Garbarek - Photo with.....
12. Larry Coryell - European Impressions

These albums represent the list of recordings that are "great" to me. All are of immense quality and creativity, but all have struck me in some way that makes me want to listen to them to learn them and to enjoy them over and over again.
All of these albums except for Peaceful Journey are available in some for on cd. Peaceful Journey is supposed to be released this year on Art of Life Records which is doing a great job releasing all of Joe's old Spitball Records releases from the 70's.

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