Monday, April 27, 2009


I wrote some pieces in the last year, some pretty, thoughtful, heart wrenching pieces of music that I plan to record soon. These pieces speak of good and tough times, beauty and ugliness and hope that in the end, things can be good no matter what's happened in the past. There's always hope. Writing these pieces has helped me to access things deep inside that needed to be reconciled. I can't say I liked everything that came out or that some of what I accessed was better left buried, but I did it nonetheless and I'm glad I did because in the end it's important to move forward and to reconcile things as best you can. At least for me that seems best at this time. I'm letting the beauty and the heartache come out in a way of expression that I can understand. I hope that in the end, those that listen to what I've written will feel the same or at least be able to see and hear some of what went into work and enjoy it on it's terms.


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