Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The World Really is Flat, at Least Economically

Some time ago, I read Thomas Friedmans' book the World is Flat. It was an eye opening experience and a good thing I read it. I'm now involved in a project being constructed in Egypt where much of the drafting of plans is being done in Bangalore India and the manufacturing of the custom doors and millwork that we are providing is being done here in the USA. Master Carpenters from the USA will then travel to Egypt and train the workers on how to install the doors. The residence is 40,000sf and as you might imagine, there's alot of doors. All my work has been done via computer and at this point I don't know if or when I'll go to Cairo to check things out or if it'll even be necessary.

What creates these situations? Opportunity, relationships, economic necessity, profits, curiosity, the desire for things not available at the project location, there's numerous examples. The big thing to me is the ability to share information and move seamlessly around the world to get things done. While you certainly run smack into the wall called poverty wages vs what we make here in the industrialized world, there's still the skills that we possess that most if not all in the 3rd world don't, and while we have the window, we can use those skills to acheive market share, experience and knowledge we would not otherwise have and get into a market that was previously unavailable or undesireable.

I'm experiencing the same situations in China and other parts of the world. It's very interesting.

Things seem to be looking up here domestically too. I've nailed my first few jobs and despite the economy, we're growing and doing well. I hope this condition spreads to most industries over the next year so we can get out of this terrible recession we're in and start moving ahead and get back to where we were in terms of economic power soon. It'd sure be nice to see people looking ahead and seeing options to enjoy life instead of fearing for their economic lives as many are today.


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