Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Great Weekend for Cheap

Had a great weekend doing some fun things that didn't cost much money at all. One of the best was a nice bike ride on the Iron Horse Trail from Walnut Creek to Danville. It's a nice ride for someone who is in the "beginner" stage on his road bike. Having crashed last year, it's been hard for me to get back on and get out there. I did so today and this is a nice flat bike trail/road path that goes thru South Walnut Creek into Alamo and then in Danville, about 16 miles total and when I got back, I was not super winded or anything. It was a real enjoyable ride. Highly recommended for older bike riders.
The Sharks won their do or die Game No. 5 against Anaheim last night, which means that they live to fight another day in Game No. 6 at Anaheim. Game 7, if necessary is in San Jose on Wed. Here's hoping the team hangs in.

Once again, here's a recommendation for a great website for politics and current events, especially legal issues. Highly recommended.


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