Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Best of Times and the Worst of Times

In one day I experienced sublime joy and bitter disappointment. For lunch I walked up to Turtle Tower and had some of their famous Pho. It was absolutely delicious and the best Pho I have ever had. You didn't need to add anything to it! It was flavorful, delicate and yummy!
Walking back to my office I was so happy, a great meal consumed and ready for a nice afternoon. Then I stopped for dinner at a local vegan place on my way home, in oakland, that is the sister place of a favorite lunch stop here in SF. My dinner was a major disappontment, flavorless and just not very good, boring!! One dish was ok, the spicy curry chicken, but that was it. The 'chicken' is mock chicken made from tofu, but it can still work in many cases, but the dishes I ordered were lame at best.
Today is a new day and now in a new month, summer is over, kids are back in school and Indian Summer should be starting here, so buckle up!!
Going to the Scottish Games this weekend. My daughter is dancing in a Highland Folk Dancing thing, on Saturday and Sunday, so I'll be out there to see her dance and have some fun exploring my family heritage.
Today, I'm not sure what i'll do in regards to lunch, but it'll be something tasty.

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