Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

What a nice weekend! My daughter was dancing at the Scottish Games on Saturday so for the first time in 24 years I went to the games. We had a great time. Ellissa danced well and we got to find out some things about the Thompson name we didn't know before. There was a large living history/re-enactment area, which Elliott loved and seemed to be very popular with the attendees. There were all the athletic events, the totally unhealthy food, lots of men with long hair and beards wearing kilts. Yes there was a Renaissance Faire air about certain things and there was also a "Lord of the Rings" feeling with much of the living history area, adults playing dress up and feeding their unmet drama needs. We still enjoyed the day and I didn't do too bad on my diet. The only thing I ate that I shouldn't have was a softee ice cream cone. So I consider that a victory.
Since I've been a dealing with a bout of some kind of stomach flu, it has been a bit easier to stay on course. My initial goal was to do this for one month, and now that I'm close to acheiving that, I think we'll go a bit farther along and see what happens. All in all I feel good and like how the diet helps me health wise.
As we move into the fall, there is much uncertainty in the employment markets and hence in many people's lives. We take things one step at a time, do what we can and move forward in the best way possible. Helping those we can on the way. Having the friends I do, and loved ones who have shown me how much they care and how much they do "give an damn", has been a revelation to me. I'm grateful to them and hope that as we bring this year of uncertainty to a close, we'll enter 2010, with some momentum to be doing great things in our communities and in our lives.


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