Thursday, September 3, 2009

Walking and Eating and Walking Some More

I ended up taking a walk yesterday down to the Ferry Building, iphone plugged in, music blasting in my ears. The walk is approximately a mile each way from my office. Yesterday was such a warm day, that it seemed like everyone was out of the office. Tourists on vacation, people going out to lunch, or, like me just out for a lunchtime stroll. Ended up stopping at the Ferry Seafood place I like to go to. Had a crab tower of all things. Something I'm NOT supposed to eat because crab is no. 1 on my list of things that can activate gout in my foot. Fortunately, being in much better shape, and having a much better diet, the small amount I had didn't impact me. The tower was a layer of avacado, grapefruit and crab. Very refreshing and very tasty and a small portion, almost appetizer like, if I were having dinner. That's fine with me.
I stolled by Il Cane Rosso, the new venture from Daniel Patterson of Coi. It looks to be simple, frersh cooking, not cheap, but they were doing a brisk business. I'll have to give it a try.
I also picked up some living foods items on my way home last night. Living meaning that they arere prepared without cooking, sometimes using a dehydrator, but it's all been prepared without exposing the ingredients to a temperature of over 118 degrees. It's alright, not particularly flavorful, but I wanted to see what it tasted like. I've also purchased some living foods crackers made with flaxseed, sunflower seeds and tomato and basil, and they were much more flavorful, but still funky.
Upon arriving home, a nice fresh avocado, yummy!!!
Today is my last day in SF as I'm taking a work from home day tomorrow due to the closure of the Bay Bridge.
Here's hoping you have an awesome day,
Make sure to smile and let your love out!


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