Thursday, February 12, 2009

Why Are Senators Reducing the Stimulus?

There's reasons that no one in the major corporate media is talking about, that Senators are reducing the President's Stimulus Package as it moves though the legislative process. What could be the motivation of this small group of Senators and Congressman who are fighting to reduce the package? I suspect it has to do with some requests from either the Financial Services Industry or some other Corporate Interest Group. These Senators don't do the bidding of the people, they do the bidding of the large corporations and big monied individuals they've served for their entire time in Congress. Sure they occasionally don't do things and hence they are deemed "moderate", but that only means that they aren't 100 percent in the tank for Corporations.
Let your Senator or Congressman know what you feel about the Stimulus Package. Pro or Con, let your feelings be known. It's their job to serve their constituents not just the wealthy and powerful.


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